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B2 To-Go Kit
The B2 To-Go Kit contains almost everything you need to go off-camera. Just add the remote that fits your camera and you are ready to take control and shape light.
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B1 500 AirTTL
The B1 makes it easy to take the flash off your camera, take control and shape light.
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D1 Studio 3 Head Studio Kits (500/500/1000)
Includes three D1 monolights, two softboxes, two speedrings, one grid, one Air Remote (optional in selected kits), three stands and power cables. Everything is packed into a high-quality trolley bag with wheels, which turns the kit into a portable yet versatile and powerful studio solution - perfect for those who refuse to choose between a great location and great light.
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Profoto Air Remote
Control the shoot from the palm of your hand.
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Zoom Reflector
A classic among our Light Shaping Tools.
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Grid Kit 180mm
Bag with 3 grids (5, 10 and 20°) for the Zoom Reflector.
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Softbox RFi 1x1,3' (30x40cm)
It is more than a softbox. It is a Light Shaping Tool.
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Softbox RFi 2x2' (60x60cm)
It is more than a softbox. It is a Light Shaping Tool.
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Softbox RFi 3' Octa (90cm)
It is more than a softbox. It is a Light Shaping Tool.
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Softbox RFi 1x3' (30x90cm)
It is more than a softbox. It is a Light Shaping Tool.
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RFi Speedring adaptor Profoto
High-quality speedrings for more than 20 flash brands.
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RFi Softgrid 50° 1x1,3'
Shape the light with precision.
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Umbrella Deep Translucent S
Small yet Deep and Parabolic Umbrella.
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Umbrella Shallow Translucent S
Smaller Size for Greater Portability.
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Umbrella S Backpanel
Turns Your Translucent Umbrella into a Softbox.
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OCF Softbox 1,3x1,3'
OCF Softboxes create a soft and flattering light
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OCF Softgrid 50° 1,3x1,3'
Softgrid reduces the light spread to 50°
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D2 500 Air TTL
With the Profoto D2, you’re always up to speed.
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Profoto Reseller

One of South Africa's biggest Profoto Resellers. With demo equipment to “try before you buy” and a test studio available. We offer a wide range of Profoto products and Equipment with extensive product knowledge and advice from a working industry professional photographer. Click on the products page for more info

Studio Rental

We have one of South Africa's largest rental studios available for rent for stills and video. It can be rented hourly, half day or full day at very affordable rates. We also have a selection of rental Profoto flash lighting, Manfrottos stands, ladders and scaffolding available for in studio use. Click on the studio page for more info.

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Body taping is a fairly new art form and shooting it comes with its own bunch of challenges. For this shoot Richard didn’t want to create a simple flat lighting as, being an outfit made only from insulation tape, it needed to have more contrast and drama to make the tape "pop".

For the taping you need the following; a very willing model (as she starts of nude), someone who is extremely artistic and professional (this is where Charl came in) and a lot of time. After the model (Antonette Van Duuren) arrived she went straight into make up, then had to strip down to nothing (and yes, I mean nothing at all) and have Charl start the taping process. After three hours or snipping, sticking and cutting, she was ready to shoot.

To light the shots Richard used a few different lighting set ups using Profoto B1 heads (because of the ease of use and being cable less), two RFi 1x6’ Stripboxes with a grids and one zoom reflector with a grid. Using the Stipboxes gave him the ability to get full length evenly lit rim lights and used the zoom over head with the grid to create lots of shadows and contrast. The LED modeling lamps made it easy to focus… and helped with shooting the video.

Photography: Richard Cook
Model: Antonette Van Duuren
Body taping: Charl Bubb
Make up: Teneal Van Den Aardweg
Camera: Phase One IQ180
Lighting: Profoto